carles reig's rereteatre

A theater of the rear, in the rear, and at the rear; a theater with neither a front, nor a façade, nor a surface; a theater of the
behind (the appearances), and, most important yet, of the underneath. Showing rather what is felt by the individual, above all consciously, but also unconsciously. Never as it surfaces onto the “personage”; not the “put on”, then, but the real unhidden oneself. Therefore what is shown are his phantasms; his hopes, his dreams, his projections... All pawns of his phantasmagoria, all become somewhat ophthalmic (and therefore projectively visible) individuals.

dijous, 18 de desembre de 2008

Golly Jeez Goff, full of goofy in the preface to the first edition of Travessa deserts, his lame pupil, Golly Jeez Goff followed the trend, trying to pin down the “estil reigià,” the “obra reigiana,” the “textos reigians,” the “peces reigianes,” and so on... [That preface, by the way, is extremely funny, and totally idiotic. “The Reigian text (he says) it’s scenic enough; until suddenly it falls into excess, even gratuitous excess; the coprolatrous author, often he’s just gone; addicted to upmanship; and now and then even, he’s, ah, so mean, no holds barred, wading in brackish mirth, wallowing in caca, lolling and hiving..., a degenerate hero, spontaneous boners in his trousers, his pockets in tatters, spent, plus the churned up shits or jizzms staining the whole fabric of plots and characters...”]

what a lot of dreck to fill bumpf with!